Our Services

Innovation for better ageing

Based on our previous extensive international experience and in order to facilitate the generation of value and ageing friendly, innovative, sustainable and market-oriented solutions (products, services and environments) we have developed our own innovation for better ageing process, which is based on design thinking.

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Person Centred Services

Our competencies in Person Centred Services are based on development of person-centred care solutions, including evidence based practices in care and observing trends to adapting and implementing and knowledge transfer:

  • Analyses of care services.
  • Implementation of person centred care philosophies and models.
  • Training in person centred care (knowledge transfer)
  • Consulting to create friendly environments in nursing homes.
  • Consulting and implementation of new life models for elderly persons like housing, co-housing, share living models.
  • Project management and coordination.
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Research, Development & Innovation

Our  scope is to bridge the gap between the R&D sector and the users, providing insights on the market, involving the targeted population and gathering their needs. Therefore, tioman & partners acts as a User intermediary organization and works transversally to contribute throughout the projects to the WPs and Tasks that are directly user related.

Our services in Research, Development & Innovation are:

  • Development of services, products and environments for the sector and persons 50+.
  • User requirements gathering and analysis,
  • Monitoring and testing of products/ services and prototypes.
  • Project management and coordination.

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