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Social inclusion
Social inclusion
elisa main target group
elisa main target group
elisa system
elisa system

What is elisa?

elisa, the window for elderly into social networks, is a new technological tool for social interaction that enables them to easily stay in touch with family and friends and make new interesting contacts. In addition, this interactive tool that gathers influences of technical inventions and new socio-cultural developments, helps elderly people without technological literacy to find local activities related to health, wellness and leisure skills, and to participate in them.

elisa is the result of the European SI-Screen AAL project (Reference AAL-2009-2-088, May 2009-May 2013), in which 10 European organizations from Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain participated. It has been funded by member organizations of the AAL Joint Programme (in the case of tioman & partners, with the budget of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism) and under the European Commission funds.

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Target groups

Primary target grouptercera-edad-300x242

  • Elderly persons over 60 years and non ICT-litereate
Secondary target group
  • Family, relatives and friends
  • Health / Social Insurances, care service providers & Experts
  • Service Providers (Telecommunication, Media, Leisure, Daily Life, Health & Wellbeing)
  • Government and authorities
  • Marketing channels / Provider
  • Consumer Electronic Industry, Retail


In order to bring the results into the market, we are currently in the process of finding investors, private equity or venture capital and offer shares of elisa. If interested, please contact us.

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