About tioman & partners

Who we are

tioman & partners is an European SME, located in Barcelona (Spain) that facilitates the generation of value and ageing friendly, innovative, sustainable and market-oriented solutions (products, services and environments).

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Our key areas of competence

The key areas of competence of tioman & partners are driven by the over 25 years international professional experience of its founders within the following sectors:

  • Social Gerontology and Person Centred Services
  • Innovation, New Technologies and User-Centred Design

In addition, our internal continuous training and improvement process, together with the close interaction between our competence areas, enables us to take a holistic approach and  support the development of innovative, sustainable and market oriented solutions for the challenging silver market!

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Why tioman & partners?

  • Innovative and creative European SME
  • 25 years of extensive professional experience at international level
  • Knowledge of ageing sector and silver market insights
  • Partnership with stakeholders (end-users, agents, professionals & experts)
  • Participation in research programs at national and international level as a user intermediary organisation, bridging the gap between the R&D sector and the end-users, their families and carers, promoting their participation for User Centered Design
  • European languages (DE, EN, ES, FR & IT)
  • Participation in working and action groups at national and international level:
    • SEGG Working Group: Quality standards of care in social and health services partner for the elderly people. “50 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PRACTICAL PLANNING AND APPLICATION OF PERSON CENTRED GERONTOLOGICAL SERVICES (PAGCP)”
    • Action Group C2 of the European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA)

Meet the team


In year 2004 the founder joined efforts and expertise from the Social Gerontology, Person-Centred Services, R&D, ICT and Project Management areas and created tioman & partners in Barcelona (Spain).


Stephan Biel (M.A.)

Consultant in Social Gerontology & Person Centred Services / Co-Founder


Javier Ganzarain (MSc)

R&D Director / Co-Founder


Our holistic approach is assured through the partnerships we have established with end-users and experts from different fields like design thinking, interior and industrial design, architecture, marketing, business strategy, law, etc.


Experience, needs and requirements


Fernando Ozores

Design Thinking

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